About Us

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We are an all-Aussie family owned business dedicated to making dogs happy!

We began in Melbourne in 2007 and have grown to become one of Australia’s top dog treat wholesalers, stocking over 700 stores Australia wide. At Pooch Treats we pride ourselves on the high quality of our treats. We source, process and distribute local pet treats from the finest quality meat and ingredients in Australia.



We stock product that is ethically obtained from A grade Australian meat accredited abattoirs and our drying process abides by a HACCP certification. Our dynamic approach to business ensures products are always available, providing our customers guaranteed confidence and stock supply. Our strong relationship with our suppliers enables Pooch Treats to offer market leading competitive pricing to our clients.


Pooch Treats remains at the forefront of innovation with a product development team that are constantly improving and expanding our bakery range. We place a strong emphasis on “value adding product” which incorporates re-packing, wrapping, labelling and final processing based on our customers individual needs and requirements.



Our Aim

At Pooch Treats our sole aim is making your dog happy! We pride ourselves on the quality of our treats and source only the best ingredients from around Australia.

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Our bakery treats are all handmade with love by pastry chefs using dog-safe ingredients.


Safe for Dogs

Our bakery treats are made with ingredients that are 100% safe for dogs. We use “dog chocolate” otherwise known as carob to top our treats. It is made from the pods of a carob tree and it is 100% natural and safe for dogs to eat. It has the same sweet richness that we humans love about chocolate. It is high in vitamins B1, B2, calcium, magnesium and iron.

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